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Industrials and corporate films mixing video + multimedia for online and offline distribution :





A 22-minute multimedia film showcasing the creation of a luxurious new banking conglomerate in the Middle East (2012).



• Alstom

Series of films and training modules focused on innovation, including The Alstom Innovation Conference, The Alstom Innovation Program and Inside Stories on Innovation @ Alstom. (2008)




Films showcasing the high-octane launch parties in Paris for each new issue of trendsetting magazine ICONOfly : “Diary of a Bag” at Christie’s auction house, “Diary of a Boot” in night restaurant Le Lup, and “Diary of a Bracelet” at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store. (2006-2009)






“What can we do for you today ?” : a 15 min. film showcasing the operations of prestigious retailer Monoprix, from its Paris headquarters to its large networks of stores througout France. Produced by Concept Image. (2007)





EBP, Point P, Segex…

Various industrials for a number of unexpected clients !  (2003-2004)



“Making Of”

for fashion shoots by celebrated photographer Ellen von Unwerth
• Victoria’s Secret
• Miss Sixty






“The Teak Plantation Resort”, a 15 min. film showcasing a luxury real estate project on the Pacific coast of Panama. (1999)




the Digital Creation Festival, in Monaco (1998-2000)

  • Selection of official entries for the Pixel-INA Awards competition.
  • In charge of « Best Of » compilations






“MasterCard in Vancouver”. Multimedia presentation (11 min.) programmed for a 12-screen « video wall ». (1992)