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Webdocumentary, 8 x 10 min., Ateliers Varan, 2012

Collective work exploring multiples encounters in the most unlikely meeting-place in Paris : the financial district of La Défense. Director of Encounter #3: The Last Resident.


NY Confidential : Downtown Manhattan

1 x 43 min., 1 x 26 min., Maha Productions, Arte, 2011

First chapter of a documentary series celebrating New York City, 10 years after 9/11. An in-depth exploration of downtown neighborhoods, as showcased by some of their most iconic denizens.



Big City Life

11 x 60 min., Eva Production, broadcast on channel Voyage (Fox International Channels), 2006-07

Documentary series (40 x 60 min.) showcasing ten of the world’s greatest cities through distinctive personalities’ homes. Directed eleven hourlong episodes in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Sydney (all shot in HD, using Steadicam).



Soirées du 13ème Jour

Doc en Stock, 13ème Rue (Universal Channels France), 1998-99

World Mafia, Satan, Plane Crashes, Steven Spielberg Special, Night of the Aliens : monthly specials, broadcast on 13ème Rue.



Die Grine Kuzine

4 min., EVA-1 Production, Arte, 1998

Music video, shot on film in New York, part of the compilation documentary Yiddish Blues.



To Punish or To Heal

52 min., Compagnie des Phares & Balises, Arte, 1996

Exploring four different ways of punishing criminals more intelligently. Hosted by Henri Leclerc, President of the Human Rights League.


Insect planet, Oval planet (rugby), etc.

Graphic design for thematic evening specials for channel Arte.




50th anniversary of the Bikini, Mike Tyson, The World of Operettas

Documentary promos (15 min. each) to secure financing for each documentary project, ultimately broadcast on various French channels. (1995-97)






Red Grooms at the Whitney

15 min., ArtView, Paper Tiger TV (USA), 1992.

Interview with the artist outside (and inside) his own retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City.



Jessica !

17 min., Novalis Productions, 1993

A short film about obsessive love and horrible accidents. Shot on location in NYC on 16mm film. Wrote, produced and directed. Cast includes founders of iconic magazine Visionaire.